Orboot 180degree Globe


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Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe
Orboot 180degree Globe

Orboot Globe + Orboot App = Magic

What is Orboot?

Orboot is custom 10” globe that comes with a free companion app. It takes the child on an Augmented Reality based journey around the world. Orboot makes learning fun and interactive! The globe doesn’t have borders or names, but beautiful icons to identify the regions with.

Orboot is specially designed for children aged 4 to 10.


Kids need the right tools during the developmental years of life. Which is why, S.T.E.A.M. is an integral part of our educational approach to kids’ playtime. Orboot sensitizes the young minds to cultures and people around the world, making them global citizens. Built for the ever-curious kids, Orboot sparks their imagination and curiosity! It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills.

In the app

There are over 400 highlights and 1000 cool facts to be explored! There are 6 categories and fun games in the app for every region:

  1. Animals

  2. Monuments

  3. Inventions

  4. Cultures

  5. Cuisines

  6. Country maps and weather

Mysteries - Embark on a scavenger hunt around the globe that involves solving the mysteries by cracking the clues Quiz Wiz. These fun challenges are specially designed to encourage exploration of every category!

All highlights are in 3D which helps in visualization. The game play is enhanced with engaging voices, stories, poems and regional music.

Device Compatibility

Orboot app is free on iOS, Kindle and Android. It works with a range of tablets and smartphones

●  iPad 3 & above

●  iPad mini 2 & above

●  iPhone 6 & above

●  Kindle 8 and above

●  Android 3GB RAM and above


One 10” globe | One passport | One stamp | One sticker booklet | A detailed help guide

Encouraging hands-on play, Orboot's world tour comes with an awesome travel kit - passport, stamp and lots of stickers for the little globetrotter. Hours of endless fun!

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